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        40 mm Systems


        Product Overview | AG36

        The 40 mm x 46 AG36 add-on grenade launcher has been designed specifically for use on the G36/G36K. This combination gives the user added effectiveness against unarmoured or lightly armoured area...


        Product Overview | GLM

        The GLM 40 mm add-on grenade launcher (LV) has the same function, characteristics and handling as the AG36. Developed for use on the HK416/HK417, it can also be mounted on M4/M16 or C7/C8 type...


        Product Overview | HK169

        The HK169 was developed by Heckler & Koch as a state of the art successor of the well-known HK69 to meet all the requirements for modern warfare or law enforcement applications. The 40 mm LV...


        Product Overview | HK269

        The HK269 is an enhanced development of the GLM/M320 in calibre 40 mm x 46 (low velocity) with the option to unlock the barrel either towards the left or right. The interfaces to mount it on assault...


        Product Overview | GMG

        Increasingly, armed forces worldwide require a universal fire support system. In the past, armies have depended on heavy machine guns or add-on grenade launchers, but neither is an ideal solution....

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